Our Mission

Punto de Contacto/Point of Contact, Inc., a New York-based arts organization in residence at Syracuse University, creates opportunities for the exploration of diversity and the exchange of ideas through the verbal and visual arts. Working with the Central New York communities, as well as state-wide and international institutions and individuals, Point of Contact is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary forum where artists, writers, scholars and students actively engage in the production of publications, art exhibitions and events to enrich the cultural mix of our society.

Our organization aims to form inspired communities; to innovate through artistic concepts that may resonate locally and globally; to work expansively where intellectual and geographic boundaries are concerned, and to share the experience.

Point of Contact, Inc. is a (501c3) tax-exempt organization. The organization’s headquarters are housed at Syracuse University’s Warehouse Building in downtown Syracuse. Point of Contact is supported by grants from Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences, the Coalition of Museum & Art Centers at Syracuse University (CMAC), and the New York State Council on the Arts.