Past Exhibitions (2006-2019)

The Point of Contact Gallery features several exhibitions per academic year. This page documents our past exhibitions for interested visitors as well as the digital catalogues that accompany them.


2019 Exhibitions



August 29 - October 4, 2019

Lucia Warck Meister

Lucia Warck – Meister is especially attracted to the vulnerability of memory: what happens when its components are altered and the flow of codes in our thinking, our abilities and the sense of who we are, are interrupted. Fragility and transformations are part of the alchemy that informs that protective shelter that we call ‘identity’. In ARTEMISIA, Warck-Meister interprets the story of baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi’s sexual assault changed the way she saw herself, in the use of red satin, beads, metallic polyester, charcoal and porcelain. Materials that contrast their intrinsic characteristics, but nevertheless are united in a powerful embrace.


time changes everything

July 12 - August 9, 2019

Each artist in Time Changes Everything battles the temporality of human existence and the material world constructed around it.

Bischoff’s photography expresses a harmony of the past and present depicting the ruins left in the world’s progression. Bischoff’s Ruins series functions as a reminder of the care our planet deserves.

Ceramist Margie Hughto draws inspiration from landfills and remains left by humans in the creation of her Excavation Series. Hughto’s work embodies the transience of the human experience in a world heavily structured by transitory material objects.

Bringing together numerous modes of digital art, Gerbarg forms The Syracuse Pictures. Her artwork abstracts the world into its own heterotopia, existing in both the past and present.

Andres realizes the difficulty of authenticity for artists as he utilizes an accumulation of mediums in the formation of one’s identity. The process of his artwork becomes a depiction of time and change as his work spans from ancient processes to contemporary modes of video.



April 1 - May 10, 2019

Syracuse University’s 2019 MFA Thesis Exhibition. Exhibiting artists include Taylor Clock, Candice Corgan, Megan G King, Rene Gortat, Jeremy Tarr and Jie Wang.

Curated by Scott Campbell

Dream Bird-HighRes.jpg

Susan stainman: Dream bird, hatching the egg

February 8 - March 15, 2019

Dream Bird, Hatching the Egg includes works that explore the interconnection between Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and the creative process. Stainman’s work creates a visual metaphor of her personal experience with sensuality and color. The tactility of her work draws the viewer in through the body as a means of manipulation, lulling them into mental relaxation and an experience of natural mind.  


2018 Exhibitions


Marta Chilindron: GEO

November 8, 2018 - January 25, 2019

Point of Contact presents a selection of both contrasting and complimentary works by Marta Chilindron.

Chilindron’s works range from the geometrically abstract to the organic and the environmental. While at first glance these aesthetic styles appear to be seemingly contradictory, this exhibition aims to highlight the common ground—the Point of Contact—where the works’ shared formal elements emerge.


LOOK NOW: Facing Breast Cancer

October 8 – October 31, 2018

Look Now: Facing Breast Cancer breaks down the barriers between a survivor’s public persona and their private struggles with the disease. In 2010, Tula Goenka, herself a breast cancer survivor, was the first of three subjects to be
photographed for a prototype of the project. She has relaunched Look Now as a photography exhibition and multimedia installation with a new collaborative team. Cindy Bell, also a breast cancer survivor, is the project photographer.

In 2018-19, Look Now focuses on the personal stories of survivors from Central New York. Interactive text, graphics, mirrors, and an experimental film enhance the exhibition’s visual core, which presents 44 participants—25 with clothed photographic portraits and images of bare chests, and 19 who have chosen to remain anonymous except for their bare-chest close-ups.

Look Now is part of Syracuse University’s Syracuse Symposium, whose theme in 2018-19 is Stories, an exploration of how we tell them and what effects whose stories we hear.


Sueños: Celebrating the Surreal

August 27 – September 21, 2018

Titled after the Spanish translation for “dreams” and in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Sueños: Celebrating the Surreal highlights works by contemporary Latin American artists in Syracuse University’s permanent collections that share in the characteristics of dream-like imagery.

Featuring works by Salvador Dalí, Mauricio Lasansky, Joseph Kugielsky, Adàl Maldonado, Pedro Roth, and more. This exhibition is a collaborative project between Community Folk Art Center, Light Work, Point of Contact Gallery, and Syracuse University Art Galleries. Curated by Point of Contact’s Assistant Director and Art History graduate student, Natalie McGrath, with exhibition design consultation from Professor Juan Juarez of Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts.



2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition

March 26 – May 11, 2018

featuring the work of six M.F.A. candidates from Syracuse University’s VPA School of Art, and Department of Transmedia. Exhibiting artists include Eric Charlton, Joan Farrenkopf, Marilyn Koch, Jo Yu Lee, Katie Levesque and Luxin Zhang. Hiding in Plain Sight is curated by Shehab Awad, curator of exhibitions and programs at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, New York City.

Featuring a diverse array of paintings, sculptures, video and installations, “Hiding in Plain Sight” represents the culmination of a three-year period of critical investigation and introspection, marked by a significant, self-led shift toward multidisciplinary experimentation. The result is a collection of works which, through their staging and materiality, radicalize traditional modes of art-making and subvert our perception of space and reality.



Andrew Havenhand

February 6 – March 12, 2018

Soft White is comprised of five large and six small wall based pieces of mixed media, most notably incorporating lace fabric, paint, foam and lighting. Together the work forms a dialogue referencing the applied and fine arts, natural phenomena, domesticity, time, ritual, geography and emotional condition.

Andrew Havenhand is currently Painting Coordinator for the Studio Arts program in the School of Art at Syracuse University. Havenhand’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally. Most recently in ‘ Pink Slip ‘, Leeds, England and ‘ White to Cream to Pale ‘, in Florence, Italy.


2017 Exhibitions



Yvonne Buchanan (USA), Mia Delve (UK), Tom Hall (UK/USA), Mika Mollenkopf (USA), Harold Offeh (UK), Susan Stockwell (UK)

October 19 – December 15, 2017

From the United Kingdom to the 2017 Venice Biennale, a collective of international contemporary artists bring a new exhibition to Point of Contact Gallery and Syracuse University.

Boîte-en-Valise encourages transportability of practice, the nurturing of collaboration and cross-fertilization of artistic practice. For Boîte-en-Valise: Generate artists worked with individuals and communities in Portsmouth and Syracuse to develop the work. Each artist is transporting the means to generate their work at Point of Contact Gallery, begun by working with people and places over several days in Syracuse, in a normal sized suitcase. To be transported as luggage on a normal flight, train or bus journey and taken from the suitcase for presentation without any fixing to walls, floors and/or ceilings of the venues.  These six artists bring together works including sculpture, performance, video, photography and sound as well as interventions and conversations.



Pedro Roth

August 29 -October 7, 2017

“Before, we were the Aleph, now we are transporters of the Aleph. We became dependent, enslaved by this invention. We talk about virus, viralize.

We talk about it as if it were a symptom. Something that is out there, from which we are contaminated. We trust our memory to it, our knowing. We fear something may happen to it.

Borges destroys the Aleph, as Rabbi Loew does the Golem. They do not want to be slaves to their own creation. They realize that, in the wrong hands, this is a weapon. The Aleph as a fantasy is marvelous, but as a reality…” -Pedro Roth



Juan Juarez

February 16 – March 17, 2017

Corpus is an exhibition that examines the themes of decay and nothingness through a multi-media installation. A neglected residence becomes a symbolic metaphor for the gradual decay of the body and mind over time. While videos and photographs portray the inability to capture nothingness by mapping its ambiguous state through demarcation and indexing. Both themes explore the human desire to leave tangible remains, which creates the ambiance of physical existence. Juarez compares the deterioration of mind and body through aging to the neglect and ruin decay of the structural integrity of a home. As our bodies age, our homes do at a similar rate of decay. Both experiences of home encompass both a physical and an emotional presence.



Sunyoung Lee, Teo Yamanidze, Joseph Turek, and Tong Zhang

January 19 – February 4, 2017

The more things there are in the world, the more gaps that exist between them, the less we understand. Those who continue to look at something and begin to notice more and more lose the definition of the whole. Art objects, especially paintings, take on a contemplative quality almost immediately. Sometimes they fade into the obscurity of other images, but this interplay between vaguery and knowable is what injects vitality. The art objects and paintings in this show push and pull obfuscation in many directions. The topics addressed in the show run the gamut from deeper focus to light daydream and will play on every viewer’s confidence of what is seen. Each artist is not showing us the world as it is, they show us their reality, they contemplate with us. The impenetrable, hidden, indistinct, dark, ephemeral, unknown, transmundane, and vague understanding we have of each work is the artist asking the work for answers.



at the Palitz Gallery in New York City

November 14, 2016 – February 2, 2017

Continuum is an exhibition that celebrates 40 Years of Point of Contact Gallery, its journey, and does so through the lens of its permanent art collection. Many of the pieces included in the exhibition have been created specifically for Point of Contact publications and exhibitions and provide a unique perspective on the evolution of the organization. The selection of works shown in the Continuum exhibition include artists from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, England, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Unites States, and Uruguay. By revisiting its past, Point of Contact also looks toward its future, refining its vision and turning each new encounter into an experimentation with unlimited insights.

2016 Exhibitions


within walls

Karin Waisman

November 3 – December 10, 2016

within walls is an exhibition of new work by Karin Waisman. This body of work reflects upon the natural process of growth and decay. Each piece, made out of many cast or modeled fragments, is the outcome of the process of making it. The wall, no longer flat, becomes the concrete support of the work. A mural like quality of the pieces transforms the wall into a tactile and intricate sensuous surface. Ornament and wall become a metaphor for a time caught between permanence and evanescence.


WOE: Globalized Sadness

Juan Cavallero

September 16 – October 22, 2016

WOE: Globalized Sadness is an exhibition by Argentine artist Juan Cavallero that explores the borderless nature of human desperation and poverty. In this exhibition, Cavallero uses both photography and video to compel viewers to confront uncomfortable situations that are often ignored. By doing so, Cavallero aims to give back identify to countless individuals from around the world that have become invisible and forgotten.


The Blue of Ruins

Arnaldo Roche Rabell

March 24 – June 4, 2016

The Blue of Ruins features Roche’s “blue” paintings and drawings made between 2007 and 2016 that use techniques such as brush drawing, scraping and rubbing on the material’s surface to explore what is left of the subject. Concerning his process, artist Roche states “I’m trying to see what I cannot see, by looking with my hands.” Many of the works included are still-lifes and the self-portraits, allowing Roche to comment on both the wholesomeness of the artist as subject and his relationship with memory and the world of objects. Mind and body, object and subject, art and nature come to a crisis of form in works that portray an exploded body, a denatured nature, and artworks about to come apart.


Pin The Tail

Catalina Schliebener

February 4 – March 12, 2016

Chilean artist Catalina Schliebener presents a site-specific installation show, Pin the Tail, working with icons related to youth that implicitly reveal norms associated with the construction of gender, identity, and class. In Pin the Tail, she analyzes and deconstructs the normative character and functionality of the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. By doing so, Schliebener calls into question the nature of these objects, practicing new discourses in which they are not dependent upon the system that produced them. Such children’s games involve a subtle normative character through which children indirectly learn rules of behavior, socialize, and acquire specific roles that will later be reproduced in the adult world.

2015 Exhibitions



Sept 16 – Dec 12, 2015

CONTINUUM tells the story of Point of Contact’s journey over the last 40 years through the lens of its permanent art collection. Many of the pieces included in the exhibition have been created specifically for Point of Contact publications and exhibitions and provide a unique perspective on the evolution of the organization. Including artists such as Judy Pfaff, Nam June Paik, Liliana Porter, and Gregory Crewdson, the collection tends to blur visual and verbal, geographic and cross-cultural boundaries, evolving year-after-year, advancing an essential discussion about contemporary art.  By revisiting its past, Point of Contact looks toward its future, refining its vision and turning each new encounter into an experimentation with unlimited insights.



Eduardo Lalo

March 26 – April 25, 2015

Darkness/Detritus/Illuminations, includes ink drawings, black and white photographs, and videos that explore the kinesthetic sensation of movement and of personal absence that takes place as an artist when creating works of art. Through a series of 3 poems and almost 100 works of art, Eduardo Lalo examines the idea of eliminating the mind from the creation process and focusing on perpetual, almost obsessive, movements of the body as it forms gestures and marks. Lalo describes this action as a fundamental expression of what it is to be human and states that “to draw is to revisit ceaselessly this discontent and this finding.”


Suspended Memories

 Liene Bosque

January 29 – March 14, 2015
In this exhibition, Liene Bosquê focuses on the history of vernacular as well as iconic architecture of small and big cities. In reinterpreting symbolic constructions into miniature sculptures that allude to travel souvenirs, the artist tackles not only concepts of collection, but also notions of personal and collective memories. Bosquê is interested in the meanings that human beings attach to places and objects, and how such experiences can serve as catalysts to alter public perspectives, inserting them into private domains.


A Long History Cut Short

MFA Printmaking Students

December 20, 2014 – January 16, 2015

Printmaking for the majority of its history has been a venue to communicate information to a massive audience. As new media outlets—such as the Internet and social media—dissipate the need for printed media, printmaking has found it a necessity and an opportunity to reevaluate its purpose as a medium. A Long History Cut Short includes artwork produced by 9 multi-disciplinary students and faculty in the Department of Printmaking at Syracuse University who explore the boundaries of what is and can be considered “print” in both traditional and non-traditional approaches.

Exhibiting Artists: Paul Dresden, Brent Erickson, Shorty Greene, Kevin Larmon, Jane McCurn, Landon Perkins, Eli Show, Taro Takizawa, and Stefan Zoller.

2014 Exhibitions


Moments of Place

Gwenn Thomas

October 16 – December 12, 2014

Gwenn Thomas’ photographs of doors and windows are embedded within sculptural frames in ways that question perceptions of photographic imagery, and our experience of lived space. Her photographs of window frames, exterior and interior architectural spaces initiate portholes into the spaces within. These irregularly shaped photographic objects construct the illusion of actual windows, recalling Marcel Duchamp’s window of 1920. The illusion is assisted by the absence of glass in the framing, opening the window of the photo from the perspective of the viewer. The photograph with the frame are the windows themselves.



Dorene Quinn

August 19- October 8, 2014

The dual meaning of the word “last” is the genesis of the work displayed in this exhibition. Through mixed media installations, Dorene Quinn calls her audience into action to make this “last”, to remain.


Learning to See

May 3 – June 27, 2014

An exhibition featuring young talents from Syracuse, NY including photography, video art, and performanceLearning to See consists of work produced in EL PUNTO Art Studio 2014, an interdisciplinary arts program designed by Point of Contact. This innovative contemporary arts program is facilitated to local youths in close collaboration with local Latino artists and community organizations including La Casita Cultural Center, The Spanish Action League of Upstate NY, the Near West Side Initiative, and the Pal Project. This program is supported by Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences and the New York Council on the Arts (NYSCA).


Sharply into a Light Space

Gladys Triana

February 27 – April 25, 2014

Sharply into a Light Space is an exhibition that deals with themes of climate change and the future of our natural environment in a series of photographs, two videos, and an installation.


Domestic Vicissitudes

Analia Segal

January 16 – February 21, 2014

Comprised of both a site-specific installation and large scale video projection, this exhibition navigates the porous boundaries between art, design and architecture intertwining the conceptual, aesthetic and functional nature of the objects that compose the everyday scenarios we live in.

2013 Exhibitions



Pedro Cuperman & Nancy Graves

November 15 – December 20, 2013

Tango is a 21-piece grand-format folio published by Iris Editions in New York (1991); a collaborative work that includes eight intaglios by the late Nancy Graves and thirteen pages of text by Pedro Cuperman, which gaze at the aesthetics of this Latin American dance.



Nayda Collazo-Llorens and Patricia Villalobos Echenverria

March 8 – April 26, 2013

The use of the word crossings as the title of our exhibition at Point of Contact is a multi-folded one. It points to journeys and intersections, dealing with time and space, but we are also in its broader and more complex nature, related crossbreeding, gender-crossing, and other hybrid, interdisciplinary modes. It also alludes to sites of convergence between our artistic practices. For years, we have considered the many ways in which our works related to each other, whether dealing with location, mapping, identity, memory, or multiplicity. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to further examine those connections, and to collaborate, for the first time, in the production of new works. This exhibition presents a series of thirteen works on paper, and a two-channel video installation titled PLEXUS13NP.

2012 Exhibitions



Tom Sherman

October 25 – November 30, 2012

The Point of Contact Gallery presents Meditation on Video (&) Language, a selection of new work on video and a series of drawings by artist Tom Sherman. The exhibit also presents a retrospective of Sherman’s work.



Oscar Garcés

September 20 – October 20, 2012

The Point of Contact Gallery presents the first solo show by Cuban-born, Syracuse-based artist Oscar Garcés, as part of The Other New York: TONY 2012, a community wide biennial exhibition that is the result of a major collaboration among 14 venues in Syracuse.


time, again time

Ana Tiscornia

March 23 – May 1, 2012

An activist and renowned Latin American artist, Ana Tiscornia brings to Syracuse a mixed media installation that curator Pedro Cuperman describes as “the outcome of a tale, where we have a fragmented world, where the pieces are somehow geometrically organic, logical… a kind of architecture of catastrophe. It is about the artist’s obsession with organizing her world after having lived through the tragedies of military dictatorships in her home land, and the present catastrophes, wars that we endure in our own time. Ana’s work demands from the viewer a sort of reconstruction, reintegration of the work, and our world.



Sam Horowitz

January 27 – March 15, 2012

As an installation artist, Horowitz surrounds his audience by manipulating the space around them. To create Constrain/ContainHorowitz began by collecting trunks, cases and boxes. Though most bore a patina of age, use and neglect, he cleaned, fixed, and elevated each piece with care and respect.


re visions

Michael Burkard, Tessa Kennedy & Jay Muhlin

January 17 – January 20, 2012

The re visions project examines three artistic practices, all in conversation with image and text. Collecting, processing, drafting…and when are you done?

2011 Exhibitions



Gabriela Alva C. and Natalia Porter

September 29 – November 4, 2011

Mexican-born, New York City-based artists Gabriela Alva C. and Natalia Porter will present their work with guest Andrew Witkin at the Point of Contact Gallery this fall. The show will feature the work of Alva and Porter in response to the structure of Witkin’s writings.


Leftovers for Dinner

Becky Reiser & Alexander Svoboda

August 18 – Septermber 15, 2011

The Point of Contact Gallery opened its space to Syracuse University Sculpture students.


EL PUNTO ART STUDIO: Your Words Today (Tus Palabras Hoy)

May 6 – June 23, 2011

Point of Contact Gallery presents the first exhibition by EL PUNTO ART STUDIO, a mural collage created by young artists and writers from our local community. EL PUNTO is a new contemporary arts program created by Point of Contact as an exploration in the visual and verbal arts. The program is offered in collaboration with the Spanish Action League (La Liga), and La Casita Cultural Center.



Jamie Davidovich

March 10 – April 29, 2011

Video artist Jaime Davidovich returns to Syracuse University after a year of grand-scale museum exhibitions worldwide, to install a show at The Point of Contact Gallery. Davidovich will present a series of his classic videos along with collage, photography, and paintings that he will produce on site.



Celeste Fichter

November 17, 2010 – January 13, 2011

Spanglish is a project made specifically for the Point of Contact Gallery by New York City artist Celeste Fichter, based on Point of Contact’s work in the verbal and the visual arts, and its ties to the Latin American literary and visual arts. Comprised of drawing, collage, photography and video, Spanglish is based solely on the artist’s understanding and misunderstanding of the Spanish language.

2010 Exhibitions



Curated by Pedro Cuperman

February 26 – April 30, 2010

An exhibition inspired by the life of Alejandra Pizarnik, one of Argentina’s most adored poets.


Storytelling: An experiment in visual narrative

Pedro Roth

November 19, 2009 – February 4, 2010

Following two superbly triumphant solo exhibitions at Buenos Aires’ Sivori Museum and the Recoleta Cultural Center, Roth returns to Syracuse for this rich display of drawings that evolves from the work he presented in Argentina earlier in 2009. Roth invents a world of multiple figures drawn to life in a Buenos Aires cafe while listening to a dear friend telling stories about lost loves, departed pets, and friends.

2009 Exhibitions

Slow Scandal

Marco Maggi

September 17 – November 7, 2009

Uruguayan-born, New Paltz-based Marco Maggi is best known for his use of everyday materials on which he inscribes a vocabulary that evokes Aztec culture and the art of Joaquin Torres-Garcia. By focusing on visual codes (such as repeated visual symbols that only suggest objects), spatially, and the political connotations of maps, Maggi’s work also reflects Latin American traditions and concerns expressed by many contemporary artists.


The Gallery as Studio: Drawings on Delirium

Ricardo Lanzarini

March 19 – September 4, 2009

Ricardo Lanzarini comes from Montevideo to Syracuse, to recreate the mundane and the extraordinary in his drawings made to unexpected scales. Lanzarini’s work balances extremes of scale, crafting an extensive abstract image from precise, miniscule characters, whose everyday activities serve as a window to a miniature world, frozen in time.

2008 Exhibitions

The Golem: Visual Visitations

Jorge Luis Borges

October 28, 2008 – February 27, 2009


Paik & Cage

Curated by Pedro Cuperman

September 18 – October 16, 2008

Paik & Cage is an exhibition consisting of the works of Nam June Paik and John Cage. “To write about Nam June Paik and John Cage we run the risk of not saying the right things. And more so when it is about art. So let’s talk about friendship, a friendship accompanied by all the telltales of art’s insights.”- Pedro Cuperman, curator.



Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna

April 3 – June 20, 2008

A life-size maze of mirrors and dreams reveals an exceptional collection of works by Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna: a fugue-like series of 25 drawings and etching inspired by the Borgian notion of the labyrinth, with Icarus as protagonist. Twenty-three 7ft tall mirrored panels form this massive installation that complicated and multiplies the space of the gallery, and infilitrates the observer.

2007 Exhibitions


Pedro Cuperman and Nancy Graves

October 18, 2007 – January 31, 2008



Roy Bautista, Natalia Porter, & Ami Suma

February 15 – March 30, 2007


In Woman Veritas: Photography from the Point of Contact Art Collection

Burt Barr, Marta Chilindrón & Eduardo Costa, Maureen Connor, Rimma Gerlovina & Valeriy Gerlovin, & Joseph Kugielsky

January 19 – February 9, 2007

2006 Exhibitions


nam june paik: nine rare works

Nam June Paik

Fall 2006

Korean-born avant-garde artist and composer, Nam June Paik, pioneered video as an art form in the 1960s by combining multiple TV screens with sculpture, music and live performers. Trained in music, aesthetics and philosophy, he was a member of the 1960s art movement Fluxus, which was in part inspired by composer John Cage’s use of everyday sounds in music. Paik always remained true to his Fluxus-inspired critical position. He died in February 2006.


Dialogues & Solos

Liliana Porter & Ana Tiscornia

October 13- December 15, 2006



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