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Pedro Roth

August 29 -October 7, 2017
Reception: September 28, 6-8pm

“Before, we were the Aleph, now we are transporters of the Aleph. We became dependent, enslaved by this invention. We talk about virus, viralize.

We talk about it as if it were a symptom. Something that is out there, from which we are contaminated. We trust our memory to it, our knowing. We fear something may happen to it.

Borges destroys the Aleph, as Rabbi Loew does the Golem. They do not want to be slaves to their own creation. They realize that, in the wrong hands, this is a weapon. The Aleph as a fantasy is marvelous, but as a reality…

Borges writes the story to fascinate a woman, to show off the potency of his mind, and then destroys. Kafka askes someone other to destroy his work for him.

Bradbury trusts humankind to save creativity in Farenheit.

Competing with nature puts us at the edge of a cliff.

Careful with what you unleash. The wise humanists warn.”

-Pedro Roth

Roth was born in Budapest, Hungary and holds a degree in Filmmaking from National University of La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roth also studied photography, specializing in portraits, and is a self-taught plastics artist. Roth’s works are included in collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMA. He has been exhibiting his paintings since 1976.

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